In a secret drawer in the former home of his demented granny, Ruud Rasko, the author's son and student of journalism, finds several nude drawings of teenage boys and their teacher. His father tells him the drawings were made long ago by Sytze, a pupil from a school where granny once gave art classes. This boy had committed suicide after killing a teacher, during a special week in which his class lived as the Ancient Greeks, including sporting naked. Ruud uses the fourty year old murder for a school research project. He contacts Sytze's best friend Bram, who at first doesn't want to remember much. When Ruud insists, the past comes to life with tragic consequences.

Note from the writer:

"This story is a real whodunit. It also explores how a class can get conditioned into wanting to do gym classes in the nude. But above all it is a story about friendship, filled with nice memories of my own school years - and conversations with my demented mother."