Senior journalist Mark Heidenrijk is covering a roman catholic procession in Adderloo. The silver statue of the Virgin that is carried around brings back memories of his time as a student of theology. Back then he befriended Tijs Wunderwald, whose very wealthy mother was involved with an obscure cult involving Marian apparitions. Mark traces another fellow student, Lucas Stuiver, whom he had fallen in love with at the time, and finds out about a terrifying secret. Hunting for the biggest scoop of his life, Mark learns more and more about a conspiracy that threatens the Vatican and world peace.

Note from the writer:

"For this story I used my own experiences as a student and journalist. The first concept dates from 1989, but only events from 2007 could finish the story. Slug is also based on a true and threatening extremely conservative Marian cult. I'm afraid my story isn't that far wrong..."