Gay themed art

Being gay is beautiful, but not always easy. The Manor of Male & More wants to be a safe and inclusive place. I don't care about who you are, what gender or orientation, or whom you love. Beautiful people come in all sorts. You came as you are and you are welcome here.

    My creative work is largely gay themed. And why not? Drawing and painting the subjects I like brightens my day. And I happen to like the male nude. It is my honour to share it with you and I hope you enjoy it. I thank you so much for being here. If you want to leave a comment, be my guest.

     Coming out and being (able to be) a gbltq person differs in many ways. It depends on who you are, on your family, your friends, your street, your school, your sportclub, your church, your workplace, your neighbourhood, your region, country and even continent.

     I feel privileged. I was born at a time and in a country with growing acceptance. When I came out in 1975, age 16, my parents and brothers were supportive. Although I grew up in a small provincial town I never experienced trouble being myself. Still, there weren't many positive gay role models back then (not sure if there now, actually...). Like so many of us I had to find my own way.

     If you want or need to share your story or situation, you can write to me. I may not be able to solve any specific problem, but I promise I will listen.

The Artist Formerly Known As Nightonaut

For six years I published art on Tumblr under the name of Nightonaut. I quit when the platform started banning nudity and labeling my art as 'offensive'. Nudes have been a mainstream subject in arts throughout history of mankind. A depiction of the human body is NOT offensive.